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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your article writing service. Here is my testimonial:

All I can say is "wow". This is probably one of the best review articles I have gotten. I know that you had some previous knowledge on the subject, and it definitely shows. I was expecting a decently written article on my niche, but what I got seemed to be from someone that was well-read on the subject. So good job on that.

The article passed Copyscape and was free of spelling/grammar mistakes, but what really caught my attention was how well you expressed your points. Intelligent and interesting, two qualities that I definitely look for in the articles I have written for me.

The quality of the article justifies the prices you are asking for (although I have seen authors selling poorer quality articles for more).

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to write me an article. I will most definitely be using it in my article marketing campaign (and that's not always the case when I have authors create articles for me).

Best of luck,


I  am very pleased to say that the review article Rose supplied was well written, passed copyscape and dupefreepro. Rose supplied the article rapidly, and my keyword selection was well placed and the article was free flowing.

I will be placing an order very soon, I will put together my article subjects and keywords. Thank you again Rose.

Rose was kind enough to give me a review article. Even though it was just a review article she created a 430 word article of excellent quality. It also passed copyscape. It was a nice read.

Great communication and I highly recommend her service.

Thanks Rose

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