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 Kindle Publishing

Why should you consider publishing a book on Kindle? What are the benefits?

Once your book is published on Kindle; the Amazon site will sell your book for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You don’t have to worry about setting up your own website. You won’t have to deal with customer service or packing and shipping physical books.

When you get up in the morning you can check your account and see how many books you sold during the night.

This is one of the best methods of producing passive income. You do the work once – writing the book – and you continue to make money for years to come.

Now is the perfect time to get into this huge market.

Does it cost anything to publish on Kindle? Nope, not a thing. Amazon keeps a portion of each book that you sell. But you don’t have to pay them anything up-front.

Do you need to know how to format the book correctly or create a book cover? The Amazon site offers clear directions on how to format and publish your book. 

What can you write about? Anything you want. You can write fiction including romance, mystery, suspense or even erotica. Remember the success of Fifty Shades of Grey? Many people want to buy erotica, but they don’t want to be seen shopping that section in the book store. This makes Kindle the perfect way to buy and read this genre.

If you don’t want to write fiction you can write about your hobby or something you’ve learned in your business. Have you ever built a chicken coop or created a website? Then write down what you did in a step-by-step way and you’ll have your own how-to book.

What if you don’t want to do your own writing? Then it’s a good thing you’re on my webpage. That is exactly what I – as a ghostwriter – will do for you. I write the book for you and then you publish it under your name. I’ll work from your notes, your outline or even just a title.

Can you make money publishing on Kindle? Yes, many people make full-time income from their books. The secret is not to stop with just one or two books.

But is it really that simple?

Don't enjoy writing? Don't have the time?

Then contact me to do the writing for you.

Kindle Publishing
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