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One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on the internet is with your own information product. Instead of selling a book from Clickbank and making 50% or less of the profit, you can sell your own product and keep 100% of the profits. But what if you don't enjoy writing?

That's why you hire a ghostwriter such as myself. I'll research and write your product for you.

Let me know the keywords you're targeting, the subject matter, and any notes or ideas you have on the book. I'll take it from there. You'll have a finished product in three weeks.

You can sell your book on:

Your own website

Most people sell in all three places. That's up to you how and where you market your book. You can even use the material to make videos if you prefer.

But don't take my word for my skills as an ebook writer. Read the following testimonial from a client:

Glowing Positive Review for Rose's work here, folks. 

I recently hired Rose to write me a 50-page eBook on a difficult topic. I gave her source material and asked for the finished eBook to be higher quality than the source material, which was one of the most respected books in the niche. Rose readily agreed, and got to work. 

The finished eBook was delivered on time, and written very well. Only the smallest of corrections were needed, which took me all of 5 minutes. Most impressively, her conversational writing style was so engaging that I actually found myself entertained by her words and reading through this book with great interest, despite the fact that I already know everything there is to know about the topic...

Rose is 1 of 3 prominent eBook writers I hired off the Warriors-for-hire section to write ebooks for me recently, and her work was BY FAR the best. The other two needed major corrections, and were a complete waste of money overall. On the flip side, Rose's work felt like a great deal when all was said and done.

Anyways, to put it simply: Rose is a great writer, and if you are in need of an eBook, you can trust her to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Give her a try.

Thanks again Rose! 

This is NOT respun PLR that hundreds of other people are using. This will be your own product that only YOU are able to sell. All the profits will go directly to you.

The current fee for ebooks is .10 per word.

Turnaround time depends on topic and length of book or guide.

Remember: this book will be completely yours. That means you can use your name as the author (or any pen name you choose to use.)

What should your ebook be about?

A few suggestions include:

Making Money Online
Making Extra Money
Dating and Relationships
How to Attract Women
Online Dating Safety Tips
How to Get My Ex Back
Losing Weight
Dieting for Life
How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep it Off
Pet Training
Care of Dogs or Cats
Eating Healthy
Senior Care
Taking Care of Babies or Toddlers
How to Improve Your Golf Game
Creating a Spectacular Wedding
Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

The list is endless. If you're unsure of where to find ideas, go to Amazon or Books-a-Million and see what books are selling. Look at the shelves of magazines at the grocery store or at book store. If there's a magazine about the subject, then there's a market.

Contact me today and let's get started making your money-making product a reality.

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